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1 a planet (usually Venus) seen at sunset in the western sky [syn: evening star, Hesperus]
2 a late afternoon or evening worship service

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  1. The bell that summons worshipers to vespers; the vesper-bell
  2. evening



Cognates include Ancient Greek sc=polytonic, Old Church Slavonic sc=Cyrs and Armenian sc=Armn.


  1. the evening, even, eve, even-tide
  2. the evening-star
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Mass, bedtime prayer, camp meeting, church, church service, close of day, cockshut, compline, crepuscular, devotions, divine service, dusk, dusky, duty, eve, even, evening, evening devotions, evensong, eventide, exercises, grayness, lauds, liturgy, matins, meeting, morning devotions, night song, nightfall, none, nones, novena, office, praise meeting, prayer, prayer meeting, prayers, prime, prime song, public worship, revival, revival meeting, service, setting sun, sext, shut of day, sundown, sunset, sunsetty, tent meeting, the expiring day, tierce, twilight, twilighty, undersong, vespers, vespertine, vigils, watch meeting, watch night, watch-night service
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